Welcome to the Hunt!

2% of the world’s population can see monsters.

Our culture, our traditions – our lives revolve around protecting those who cannot see from the things that will harm them.

The stories are as varied as the places you come from.



Meet the Hunters

Edward Mauer(The Mantle)

Edward has grown up knowing that his parents want nothing to do with the Hunt, but never really asking for much of a reason why. Instead, he retreated into the books and video games and other nerdy things that kept him a bit ostracized from non-powered kids his own age as well.

The one thing that he did have going for him was the undying support his parents had for him. Stefan Mauer, Edward's father, worked tirelessly to ensure that his son would be able to attend college and hopefully get a job in the non-powered world. But then the Hunt came calling, and he was forced to answer.

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Elizabeth Fox (The Washington Steelheads)

Elizabeth Fox is small, dark, and deadly.

She is also the new leader of the Steelheads, Washington’s top monster hunting team, she must face down monsters in single combat, absorb their power, and banish their spirits – or die trying.

A fierce Valkyrie, she must learn to rely on her teammates –
Inari, a mysterious and devastatingly handsome sniper and
Jack, a Marines combat veteran with an encyclopedic knowledge of monsters and skeletons in his past.

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Dana Kane (The Squad)

Former Army Sergeant Dana Kane knows the monsters she sees are real; they tried to kill her in Kuwait, and damn near succeeded. But Dana lived, acquiring a PTSD diagnosis and barely avoiding a medical discharge … and the attention of the Conclave, a secret group of Shamans who are keeping their eye on Dana to see where this new ability of hers will take her.

Now, back home in Detroit and working as a skip tracer, Dana pairs up with her former squad mate, the all-too-tempting Gabriel Broussard. Gabe’s a law student now, but he’s so much more; he sees what Dana sees and shows her the ropes, teaching her what she is and how to Hunt.

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Mireille "Mama Ray" LaCoure

A thirty-year veteran of the Hunt, Mama Ray LaCoure has been called many things:

Motortown Wild Child
Mother of Shamans
the one that was shot in the head in Mexico

And now she is faced with the toughest name she has ever been called:

Shaman. And with millions of people under her care and a child's life in the balance, nothing that she has ever hunted has prepared her for this.

Coming Winter 2019